Editing the News — OCT 25

Installation at FotoMuseum, Antwerp, 2013

Editing the News

The exhibiition opens on October 25, 2013 — February 2, 2014 at the FoMu (FotoMuseum), Antwerp, Belgium

The news that ends up in the newspapers at our breakfast tables has been subjected to endless filters. Every day, thousands of photographs are posted to editorials offices, while only a few make it to the finish. With, this exhibition FoMu questions these selection rounds. Why is one image chosen above another? Through whole s lenses are we looking anyway? With work from Hans Aarsman, Alfredo Jaar, Martijin Kleppe, Paul Qaysi and Frank Schallmaier.

Curator & Editor by Joachim Naudts
200 Days
Single-channel video, color, silent, 10 min. looped. Free-standing rear-projection screen.

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Paul Qaysi is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Contact directly at studio@paulqaysi.com.